• A monotype is a unique print created when ink is applied to a flat surface and an etching press is used to transfer the image from the flat surface to the paper.
  • A collagraph is a print that is taken from a collaged plate.
  • Solarplates are metal plates which are coated with a light-sensitive polymer emulsion. A black and white transparency is placed over the plate and exposed to ultraviolet light to harden the emulsion.   After the dark (soft) areas are washed out with water the solarplate is inked and printed using the etching press.
  • "Kiri-e" means "cut art" in Japanese. These monotypes were glued to a wood panel and parts were cut out to reveal the white paper underneath.
  • Silk prints are monotypes printed on textured silk fabric. These prints were also glued to panels.
  • Prints in the Archive have been sold and are no longer available.
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